The wave house b2c98ab15ee62fa133e8fae54b191d3adbd3ed470f11a899b054140910c14cad

The Wave House

Undulations in white aluminum. Hundreds of unique pieces assembled into a self-organizing form.

Preston house 78b56f90b2b64b7b4403784d0039de693727c5b5b065a26660e10576c2cae2f8


The architectural language of Preston resembles the movement of calligraphy or a building of brush strokes.

Morningside front 1361b2cc8a0a85f36ac2a403c3cd27b0d8edc1fba43c7504f9e10a45791ff09d


Fluidly articulated, this home's circulation is enhanced by gradient curves improving movement between the spaces as well as visual communication.

Appleton house fe2cf571d5f1f0a3919272fd7849b391d31fc5085d00d8b756df3a4fa5031122


Indoor-outdoor lifestyle under starry skies. Inspiration. Rooms with a view. Metal Cladding.

22nd street home 3b1e09fe82e465d2b30e9436af3134a5a11ab9a66a8735afb629bfbfa766db9e

22nd street

Zen. A roof top garden, warm cedar siding, and a long linear two-story glass window frames peace and tranquility.