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In what was one of the biggest IPO’s since Facebook, Venice Beach-based Snapchat recently went public, unleashing many millionaires—and even a half-dozen billionaires—into the Silicon Beach housing market.
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Consider the agitated envelope that sheathes Mario Romano’s latest Venice design: It resembles a bed sheet shaken out, rippled by invisible currents, and then frozen in midair.
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It's rare that a home truly blurs the line between form and function, but this Venice, California, residence—known as the Wave House—is certainly a work of art.
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The undulating metal exterior of this family home by Los Angeles designer Mario Romano takes its cues from the movement of the ocean.
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Venice's "Wave House" is striking from the street. Beyond its atypical shape, all rounded edges and undulating roof, the residence by designer Mario Romano is particularly eye-catching because it's "cloaked" in a white aluminum and cedar blocks Romano's website explains how giant pieces of aluminum were unfurled to create the shell of the house.
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The common definition of "wavy," at least according to Urban Dictionary, is something that "got swag, got style, is fresh and is mobbin." Despite being a private residence and not a physical being of freshness, the "Wave House" certainly fits the bill. It is the latest project from architect Mario Romano, and it is a work of trippy, futuristic perfection.
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Los Angeles-based architect Mario Romano recently debuted his newest project called The Wave House. With an affinity for natural landscapes, Romano designed the coastal abode in Venice, California to resemble a majestic ocean swell.
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Since the days of Frank Gehry and the early Post-Modernists, this seaside enclave of artists and free spirits has been a hotbed of design innovation.
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In a city where everyone is trying to standout, the brand new Wave House manages to do just that.
"Two years ago, lots were going for $1.3 million to $1.5 million; now it's $2.3 million. Newly built homes are going for $5 million," says Pardee, who adds that top architects such as Marmol Radziner, Dennis Gibbens and Mario Romano have almost entirely transformed streets such as Appleton Way and Vienna Way.
We're at a visually exciting home that emphasizes flow, openness, and space in its design. Each area is a harmonious reflection of nature so its very shape and the architectural details give it a sense of constant fluid motion. It's appropriately dubbed "The Wave House".