Mario Romano is an artist specializing in architecture, design and digital fabrication. He is committed to advancing the language of taking complex geometries and manifesting them into the physical world. "That's architecture," he says, "from poetry to reality."

With an affinity for nature's forms, Mario has pioneered his own design-build systems incorporating customized digital tools, CNC machining technology with hassle-free construction techniques.

Having designed and built over 50 million dollars worth of high-end residential projects from the ground up, Mario's vision and expertise is pushing the envelope of the design-build environment. With building facades that undulate like ocean waves and interior carved walls that blur into floors he is manifesting what he calls, "a second nature".

"There is something authoritarian about a box-like structure. I'm driven to create a structure that is sensitive to the neighborhood, as if it were a form you would discover in nature."

Defining a new realm of the urban landscape, Mario literally sculpts his homes, sometimes standing across the street directing the building process like a jamming band of musicians, very often articulating and expressing architecture in real time. In one instance, he composed a facade to emulate the intricate weave of bird feathers. "Feathers aren't just for flying, they keep the bird dry." In another building envelope, he wrapped a home with monolithic white-metal ribbons. In one way, Mario is rocketing into the future, in another, he is returning to the organic.